Agile Microwave
Microwave frequency active components including low noise amplifiers, High Power Amplifiers, Multipliers, Limiters & Switches. Also capabiity for RF/Microwave Packaging, RF/Microwave integrated modules, Image Reject Mixers. Agile Microwave's value proposition is providing lower prices by staying small with low overhead, and focusing on innovative designs with equal or better performance than the competition through better enigneering and outsourcing manufacturing to qualified US based contract manufacturers.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions
Signal & Control Solutions: Microwave frequency components for military and space including broadband Synthesizers and Frequency sources, Control products such as PIN Switches, Digitally controlled Attenuators, Detectors, Limiters, and Passive Components.


BSC Filters
World leaders in the design and manufacture of waveguide filters, diplexers, passive components including waveguide to coax transitions. Frequency bands up to 94GHz, other components include : Couplers, Equalizers, Switched Filter Banks, Transitions and Waveguide Assemblies.

BSC Filters
Dow-Key Microwave Corporation
The world's largest manufacturer of electro-mechanical RF Switches, including SPDT, Multi-throw, Transfer, T-Switches, and Switching Systems. High performance Waveguide switches, Coaxial switches, Low PIM switches, Electro-mechanical Matrix designs. Dow-key also offers Solid-state Matrix designs.Space qualified.
Dow-Key Microwave

RF, microwave, and mmwave interconnect products for industrial, military, defense, and space applications including connectors, cables, and cable assemblies like the Sucoflex and minibend families. H+S also manufactures antennas, protection and feeder line components and RF protection solutions for lightning, electromagnetic pulse, and high power microwave.  Connectors include SMA, 1.85mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mm, SMP, SMPM, SSMA, BMA, BMAM, MBX, MMBX, MCX, MMCX, MPX, TNC, Type N, etc.


K&L Microwave
Filter technology spanning the full spectrum from .3MHz to 94GHz including Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass, Notch, Diplexer/Duplexer, and Multiplexer in Cavity, Ceramic, Lumped Component, Tubular, Suspended Substrate, and Waveguide topologies. Numerous packaging options: connectorized, board level packages including SMT. Switched Filter banks, Tunable RF Lab Filters, Test Set Solutions including Low PIM measurement filter solutions. Base Station Wireless Filter Products, PIN Switches. High power, up to 1kW, in lumped element designs. Design your own filter using the Filter Wizard on-line design tool. Space qualified.

K&L Microwave
Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc.
YIG technology based products include broadband YIG oscillators, YIG band-pass & band-reject filters, frequency multipliers, and frequency synthesizers, frequency ranges from 500MHz to 50GHz. Introducing a line of bench top products.
Micro Lambda

Norden Millimeter
500MHz up to 110GHz components including Amplifiers, Frequency Multipliers, Frequency Converters, including up/down converters, VCO’s, DRO’s, Tranceivers, Custom Integrated Assemblies for Commercial, Military, Scientific applications.

Norden Millimeter
Paricon Technologies Corp.
Anisotropic conductive elastomeric material technology making possible separable interconnecting solutions. The Pariposer product lends itself to applications such as device test, board-to-board interconnect, etc. Frequency response from DC to above 60GHz.
Paricon Technologies
Pole/Zero Corporation
Cosite mitigation equipment for communication and test systems. Products include frequency agile filters (band-pass and notch), preselectors, Integrated Cosite Equipment(ICE). MICRO-POLE series of filters are for low power, small size, SMT applications. MINI-POLE filters are optimized for size with input power level to 1W, connectorized package. MAXI-POLE are bigger in size, but with improved insertion loss for a given bandwidth, 1W input levels. POWER-POLE filters handle input power levels up to 10W. In addition to products, Pole/Zero offers its engineering capabilities for cosite interference mitigation.
RFHIC US Corporation
GaN pallet amplifiers, pulsed amplifiers up to 2kW, UHF to X-band. GaAs MIMIC devices and hybrids for military, commercial, and industrial applications. Fully ITAR compliant. CATV hybrid amplifiers, active MMIC mixers, 50Ω and 75Ω gain blocks up to 2W, active power dividers, GaN hybrid amplifiers 7-20W, GaN Power transistors 100W avg up to 590W peak.
Wenzel Associates
State-of-the-art ultra-low phase noise precision Crystal Oscillators (XO, TCXO, OCXO) incorporating cutting-edge vibration-resistant technologies for the Lowest G-sensitivity. Frequency synthesizers, high-stability RF modules and systems, and related instruments to 13 GHz. Commercial, Military, and Space Grade.
Wenzel Associates

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